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Monday, 06 May 2019 10:48

viticulturist - slvd_19_17

currently recruiting for a viticulturist with at least six years’ + experience, (in a premium grape growing agricultural environment), with a strong scientific and innovative approach to viticulture. this position will work in conjunction with appointed consultants and the cellar master to ensure that the vineyards are at optimal performance to provide quality grapes to achieve the business objectives.
education - bachelor’s degree (bsc) in viticulture & oenology
key performance areas -
- ensure that the relevant health & safety procedures are maintained and enforced.
- manage the vineyards to achieve the agreed strategic mandate.
- manage and partner with the appointed consultants to ensure optimal vineyard performance.
- manage the vineyard production team to ensure compliance with correct procedures and quality of work as it relates to pruning, tying, suckering, canopy manipulation, thinning, grape harvest etc. 
- direct the vineyard production team to ensure optimal labor, machinery utilisaiton and cost-effective farming practices.
- management of the leafroll virus programs and elisa tests.
- vineyard budgeting and quarterly forecasting drafting and management.
- administration functions namely the completion of payroll, orders, invoices, purchasing and general record keeping of vineyard activities.
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  • Job Ref.: viticulturist - slvd_19_17
  • Job Title: viticulturist - slvd_19_17
  • Location: helderberg
  • Job Type: permanent